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Konstfrämjandet Stockholm

Release: Found Review 7# Lost Spring 2019 Issue

Welcome to the release of a new issue of Found Review!

The soon-to-be released 7 # Lost Spring 2019 Issue – A Threefold Critique of Tax Deductions Rut and Rot contains a series of reviews devoted to Rut- och Rot-avdragen: the tax deductions that subsidize domestic services (mainly cleaning and reconstruction) for the middle and upper classes of Swedish society. The issue highlights three problematic aspects of the deductions: an increased division of labor, a continuous commodification of everyday life, and a regressive distribution of wealth.
The issue also includes reviews of works by Cady Noland, Cia Rinne, and Bella Batistini.
18.30 The Maids by Jean Genet: reading of excerpt
18.45 Found Review editor Karl Lydén in conversation
with Lina Rydén Reynols
Reading and conversation in Swedish.
Found Review 7 # Lost Spring 2019 Issue includes contributions by Nina Canell and Robin Watkins, Johanna Gustafsson-Fürst, Anna Hallberg, Runo Lagomarsino, and Filip Lindberg.
Found Review is a publication for art criticism that uses only found material.

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