Bodies of Care with Emma Dominguez, Macarena Dusant, Sonia Sagan & Sarasvati Shresta

Join artists Emma Dominguez, Macarena Dusant, Sonia Sagan and Sarasvati Shrestha for a discussion around their collective approach to addressing the lived detrimental effects of work and the inequality of access to care within the Swedish welfare system framed around their mother's experience.

The study session reflects on their current exhibition Mami: Ama: Mödrar at Botkyrka Konsthall and artistic strategies that draw on resources within the art field to build infrastructures that seek to not only critique but work to transform the violent structures of work and the gendered and racialised work injuries they produce. We will consider how these methods also seek to refuse the unhealthy (re)production of culture to resonate beyond the confines of the art institution and its public.

Emma Dominguez is an artist with a degree from Konstfack. She turned her solo exhibition into a collective exhibition, taking over ’Vita Havet’ in Konstfack together with 25 other artists. Emma often works collectively and her work is often based on questioning power structures and who can be seen, heard and take space in our public spaces.

Macarena Dusant is an art historian and independent writer. Her work focuses mainly on power structures, the notion of the public realm and mechanisms of exclusion within contemporary art. Dusant is part of, an online editorial platform for the arts and intersectional cultural analysis founded in 2014.

Sonia Sagan is an artist and student at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ five-year program in Art. Sagan’s artistic practice attacks power structures and norms with dark humor, ambivalence and seriousness, by examining the intersection between the personal-private and the political-structural.

Sarasvati Shrestha is an artist, gardener and educator with a background in various movement practices, music, film and performing arts. She works to investigate and question value systems, languages, views on knowledge and the boundaries between nature and culture. Shrestha is also part of the performance group The Non-Invaders and the dance group Rosales.

The event will take place in Swedish here.

The event forms part of the Bodies of Care study sessions that explores practices that reflect and resist the current expansion of commercialized, individualized and outsourced care and is in collaboration with Botkyrka Konsthall.

This is the sixth in a series of conversations that precedes the exhibition A Careful Strike* at Mint opening on December 3.

*Precarias a la deriva, 2005

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