Walk with banners – Bella Rune, Konstfack students and Margareta Ståhl

Please join us for a public walk with banners produced by Bella Rune and students from Konstfack University. We will walk from Konstfack to ABF Stockholm Sveavägen 41. During the walk scholar and researcher Margareta Ståhl will join us for a conversation about the project and the history and aesthetics for the workers movement.

Join artists Emma Dominguez, Macarena Dusant, Sonia Sagan and Sarasvati Shrestha for a discussion around their collective approach to addressing the lived detrimental effects of work and the inequality of access to care within the Swedish welfare system framed around their mother’s experience. The study session reflects on their current exhibition Mami: Ama: Mödrar at Botkryka Konsthall and artistic strategies that draw on resources within the art field to build infrastructures that seek to not only critique but work to transform the violent structures of work and the gendered and racialised work injuries they produce. We will consider how these methods also seek to refuse the unhealthy (re)production of culture to resonate beyond the confines of the art institution and its public.

The event will take place in English.

Please respect social distancing measures, do not join the walk if you are sick or have any symptoms and walk with a two-meter distance.

Register: info@m-i-n-t.se.

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